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Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant

Known as the “Honor of the Nation”,
the first nuclear power plant designed, constructed,
operated and managed by the Chinese.

Chinese President Hu Jintao praised the Qinshan Nuclear Power Station "for the development of China's nuclear power industry, to lay the technical foundation and accumulated experience, training the team, trained personnel."

Qinshan 300,000 kilowatts nuclear power plant to the grid for the first time in December 15, 1991, and April 1994 was put into commercial operation in July 1995 through the national acceptance of nuclear power in mainland China to achieve a "breakthrough."

Since the company was put into operation for 18 consecutive years to maintain safe and stable operation, a plurality of fuel cycle are creating the safe operation of nuclear power plants and they hold domestic record.

Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant #2

The first large commercial nuclear power plant in China designed,
constructed, operated and managed by the Chinese.

Former Premier Wen Jiabao instructed: "Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant No. 2, adhere to independent design and innovation, has made a number of important technological achievements, China's nuclear power has gone out of the path of a self-development."

Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant No. 2 is China's first self-designed, large-scale commercial nuclear power plant construction, operation, management, responsible for 4 650,000 kilowatts pressurized water reactor construction, operation and management of nuclear power plants. Its realization of China's independent design, independent construction of commercial nuclear power plants across the major equipment localization rate of 55 percent won the National Science and Technology Progress Award and the China Industry Award.

The plant expansion project (Unit 3 and 4) on April 28, 2006 started the construction of the "Eleventh Five-Year" during the first nuclear power project. Unit 3 on October 21, and 2010 put into commercial operation. Unit 4 on December 31, 2011 put into commercial operation.

Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant #3

The first pressurized heavy water nuclear power plant
in China to bring its project management
in line with international practices.

The company has won the "National Labor Award", "central enterprises advanced grassroots party organizations," "National Culture Award for outstanding achievements" and "civilized units in Zhejiang Province" and other honors.

Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant No. 3 is China's only heavy water reactor nuclear power plant, compared with other types of reactor, heavy-water reactor has its own characteristics and advantages.

In the production operation period, two units of Qinshan remained safe and reliable operation of the economy, year after year to achieve security objectives and exceed the annual power generation targets and profit targets, the overall operation of power plants at the top level of international similar power station, by March 2012, power plant had generated 100 billion kwh cumulative security.

Tianwan Nuclear Power Plan

The most advanced operating nuclear
power plant in China

To improve the safety of the plant, it adopted a series of important measures, including a 4-channel security system, core melt catcher, fully digital control system, and double containment reactor building TIts safety design is better than the current run the vast majority of PWR nuclear power plant, in some areas, it has reached the international level of the first three generations of nuclear power plants.

Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant located in Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province Lianyun District Tianwan plant in accordance with the construction of eight million-kilowatt pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant planning. A project to build two single capacity of 1.06 million kilowatts Russian AES-91 pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant, in China and Russia to deepen political mutual trust, economic and trade development, strengthening international cooperation strategy driven approach in the field of nuclear energy high-tech cooperation, is a landmark nuclear cooperation project between China and Russia. Unit design life of 40 years, the annual average load factor of not less than 80%, the annual generating capacity of 14 billion kwh. AES-91 pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant Russia is the basis of summarizing 20 million-kilowatt units VVER-type design, construction and operating experience made on the improved design. Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant project in an October 20, 1999 started construction, units 1 and 2, respectively, in 2007. May 17 and August 16 has put into commercial operation. 1,2 unit into commercial operation after a good run and create a record of the fuel cycle No outage or shutdown events. Two units in operation and during the overhaul, the effective radiation protection measures, individual and collective dose has been effectively controlled, controlling waste emissions well below the national standard, the unit excellent performance indicators continued to improve operational performance. 2011 Fourth Unit 2 refueling outage duration of 39.2 days, creating the world's shortest overhaul period VVER1000 unit record.

Fangjiashan nuclear power project

Zhejiang Province, the first million kilowatts
of nuclear power units

Fujian Fuqing nuclear power plant

China's own three generation
"Hualong one" the first pile

Zhejiang sanmen nuclear power project

The nation's first AP1000 three generation
nuclear power unit

Hainan Changjiang nuclear power plant

Energy construction project of Hainan Province

Jiangsu Tianwan Nuclear Power Expansion Project

China's first nuclear power project started
in 12th Five-Year during the new

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