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With the worsening global environmental problems, the energy structure is gradually titled to the clean and low carbon mode. The “Energy Development Strategy Action Plan” issued by the State Council clearly stated that nuclear power has become part of the national strategy. Nuclear power, as a safe, efficient and clean energywith high hopes.
In accordance with the national development strategy focusing on “innovation, coordination, greenness, opening-up and sharing”, we adhere to the principles of “ensuring sustainability in strategic planning and project development, ensuing safety in engineering and operation performance and ensuring cost control for economic benefits.” We implement a “scaling-up, standardization and internationalization” growth strategy and make concerted efforts to overcome difficulties. By guaranteeing safety in business operation and project construction, we focus on key priorities, combat challenges and pursue innovation to achieve major breakthroughs in a variety of aspects. On February 12th, 2015, CNNP’s Qinshan Nuclear Power Base, China’s largest nuclear power base, fully completed construction. On May 7th, the world’s first “Hualong One” reactor, using China’s self-developed third generation nuclear power technology, started construction in Fuqing. On June 10th, CNNP went public on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, making it the first pure nuclear power company listed on the Chinese mainland exchanges in Shanghai and Shenzhen.
We constantly promote the            
“safety first and quality foremost”            
principle as the foundation            
for our development
Ensuring safe operation and enhancing our ability in safety management is the key to fulfill our social responsibilities. In 2015, we established the “CNNP’s 10 Principles of Excellent Safety Culture” with an aim to build a systematic and, complete nuclear safety culture and to provide an important guarantee for the safe operation of nuclear power. We ensure the stable operation of 14 nuclear power units and have achieved “zero-accident operation” for 110 reactor years. Our load factor is around 90%, having become  the domestic leader for three consecutive years. We also rank high in terms of the WANO index.
We continue to guarantee            
stable supply of safe            
and clean energy.
We build a stable, safe, clean and economical energy supply system, and effectively protect the power supplies. In 2015, CNNP’s annual power generating capacity reached 74.27 billion kWh, representing a substantial increase over the same period in 2014, indicating our steady improvement of nuclear power supply capability. We hold a controlling stake in 14 operating units with a total installed capacity of 11,512 MWe, the biggest in China. We hold a controlling stake in 11 units under construction with a total installed capacity of 12,116 MWe.
We adhere to operating in            
harmony with the            
We adopt a more environmentally friendly and more efficient production and operation mode. We adhere to green construction, ensure strict management of radioactive substances and protect the biodiversity around the plant. By the end of 2015, CNNP’s cumulative power generating capacity had reached 529.8 billion kWh, equivalent to annual reduction of standard coal consumption by about 170 million tons, carbon dioxide emission by about 560 million tons, SO2 emission by about 4.14 million tons, nitrogen oxide emission of about 2.76 million tons, or planting about 1.52 million hectares of forests.
We actively carry out            
communications and            
interaction with            
the general public
We continue to enhance the transparency of our operation, implement an open decision-making mode and boost engagement of and sharing with people from all walks of life. We established a multi-channel communication mechanism, continuously promote popular science to ease public concerns, help the general public know about nuclear power and bolster public confidence in nuclear power. We compiled the guidelines for public communications and strive to become a role model in communicating with the general public. In 2015, Sanmen Nuclear Power, Taohuajiang Nuclear Power and CNNP Liaoning Nuclear Power educational bases were named as the national educational bases of science popularization. We organized the third “Appealing Light” Cup Chinese Nuclear Power Science Popularization Knowledge Contest for Middle School Students, luring a record of 250,000 participants all over the country.
We always uphold the            
corporative value of “being            
people-oriented and            
dedicated to communities.”
We refine the “culture of excellence” and comprehensively deepen the integration of corporative culture projects. We optimize our mechanism to appoint and educate people, provide employees with diversified and all-round services, provide ample room for career development and help them grow with our Company. In 2015, we invested a total of 45 million yuan in training and education with a total of 116,000 participants. We organized volunteer activities to enhance community well-being and promote charity initiatives. We donated to and supported the “Ninth World” project in the Moon Mountain in Guizhou for the ninth consecutive year.
In 2016, we will continue to strive for excellence, make breakthroughs, deepen reforms, and actively develop nuclear power technology and services in order to grow our business in a safe and efficient way. We are dedicated to providing safe and efficient energy and creating a clean and low-carbon life. We hope to join hands with people from all walks of life to develop a wonderful chapter for the 13th Five-Year Plan period.
General Manager of China National Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.
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