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Opening ceremony, welcome to Qinshan
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Professional practice activities of Tsinghua University international master degree class which is co-sponsored by Tsinghua University and state-owned enterprises like CNNC were started in CNNP on September 17th.

In the following two weeks, 24 international students from 8 countries i.e. Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sudan, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and UK will participate in many activities in CNNC Qinshan nuclear base. They will also be introduced the history of China nuclear development, take part in classes such as Nuclear Power Plant Safety, Culture, and Technology, and join cultural exchanges with Qinshan Youth.

In response to the “Belt and Road” Initiative and the national "Going Global" strategy of nuclear power technical equipment, with the support of the Ministry of Education and the National Energy Administration, CNNC and other central enterprises had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tsinghua University to co-cultivate a group of international professional masters of Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Technology Engineering, combined with China's own advantages of both nuclear power development and nuclear science research, to cultivate a batch of outstanding talents and lay a good talent cultivation foundation of nuclear power industry for the nations alongside the “Belt and Road” routes.

This program is a beneficial attempt to establish an international talents cultivation platform among Chinese government, foreign governments, universities and enterprises; it is a rewarding exploration of promoting China nuclear industry to Go Global. These 24 international students are the first class of joint cultivated international nuclear masters. This internship is carried out after the students in Class of 2017 completed their first year study and, the Qinshan Nuclear Power Base is the first stop of the practical activity.

Qinshan nuclear power base, as the birthplace of China mainland nuclear power industry, earned its reputation as a singular nuclear power base with the largest number of units, richest type of reactors and largest installed capacity in China, with a total installed capacity of 6564MW and annual output of 50 billion kWh.After 3 decades of development, Qinshan nuclear power has accumulated lots of high-quality resources needed in nuclear operation, including construction and operation experience, a mature and complete safety operation management system and support system, a group of technical and managerial talents who can operate multi-type reactors. Qinshan nuclear power has cultivated 24 technical talent platforms; two of them become CNNC technical platforms. 70 projects have been launched, thousands of people have participated, and more than 50 companies have been benefited under the “Wings of Qinshan” Strategy. Qinshan nuclear power promotes CNNP Socialization, standardization and Internationalization, and provides powerful support for the Belt and Road Initiative as well as CNNP going-out strategy.

To support this project, CNNP has prepared 6 excellent courses such as Safety Culture and Nuclear Power Plant Safety Management, 7 visits, 2 practices and many culture exchanges in order to make this trip very unique and worth taking for all the international students.

During the Opening ceremony, delegates from Tsinghua University, CNNC, Qinshan Nuclear Power, and international students made remarks respectively.


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