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CNNC Liaoning Nuclear Power Co. Ltd.
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CNNC Liaoning Nuclear Power Co. Ltd. was founded in March 27, 2009. By China nuclear power Limited by Share Ltd invested 50%, Datang International Power Generation Co invested 24%, Jiangsu Guoxin Asset Management Group Co., Ltd. invested 12%, Zhejiang zheneng power Limited by Share Ltd invested 10%, nuclear investment company invested 4% joint venture. The board of directors under the leadership of general manager responsibility system, responsible for the construction, Xu Fort nuclear power projects debugging, operation and management.

Huludao is an important city in the East Central Bohai economic circle. CNNC Liaoning Nuclear Power Co. Ltd. Xu Fort nuclear power project site is located in agricultural areas, named for the Liaoning province is located in the coastal city of Xingcheng Xiang Xu Bao Cun South coast. No land within the range of industrial and mining enterprises, scenic spots, transportation routes and military facilities, a relatively small population, in the construction of nuclear power plant, the rational use of land, to effectively protect the environment, promote the adjustment of energy structure, plays an increasingly important role in energy saving and emission reduction work.

CNNC Liaoning Nuclear Power Co. Ltd. Xu Fort nuclear power project planning and construction of 6 * 1 million kilowatts PWR nuclear power units, a continuous construction planning. Total investment 110 billion yuan, construction period of 5 years. The project is one of the largest investment projects in the region. After the completion of a comprehensive nuclear power plant, can effectively alleviate the energy supply situation in Liaoning Province, Huludao of Liaoning province and even the whole economic development, optimize the investment environment, environmental protection, taxation, to promote the "five points and one line" of Bohai economic zone will play an important role.

At present, the correct leadership of the China National Nuclear Corporation, Chinese nuclear power Limited by Share Ltd and the board of directors, as a nuclear power plant is the best geological conditions, with its regional advantages of convenient transportation and pleasant climate environment, coastal tourism attracts people's widespread concern. Companies adhering to the "spirit of the nuclear industry, above all, cause heavy responsibility in all in all, strict and enterprising spirit of" everything ", the development of nuclear power, Liaoning for the benefit of" business purposes, to provide clean, safe and economical energy for the development of the Bohai economic circle, make a contribution to economic development.

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