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Hainan Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.
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Hainan Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2008, is responsible for Hainan Changjiang nuclear power project (project) construction, operation and management. At the same time as China's nuclear power companies in the region of Southern China, China's nuclear power in Guangdong, Southern China, Guangxi and other nuclear power and other clean energy projects in the development and management of business.

Hainan Changjiang nuclear power project is located in the village of Changjiang County in Hainan Province town of Tong Hai Wei, near North Bay, Hainan Nuclear Power Co. Ltd as the project owner, jointly set up by the China National Nuclear Corporation, Chinese Huaneng group. Changjiang nuclear power plant can accommodate four large nuclear power units, of which the first phase of construction of two 650MWe nuclear power units, a total investment of nearly 19 billion yuan. The first standard works to our own design and construction of commercial nuclear power plant, Qinshan nuclear power plant two projects for reference, the two generation of improved PWR nuclear power technology, namely nuclear reactor nuclear power technology group developed with China's independent intellectual property rights CNP600 water pressure, comprehensive localization rate more than 75%. The first phase of the project No. 1 and unit 2, respectively, in April 25, 2010 and November 21, 2010, was officially started.

Start the 1 Hainan nuclear power unit on the occasion, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier Li Keqiang personally instructed: adhere to safety first, quality first, rely on scientific management and personnel, the construction of a high starting point, high standard construction, the Changjiang nuclear power project built first-class quality engineering, makes the contribution for the Hainan ecological province and international tourism island the construction and sustainable development of energy in china.

Project has been supported by the Hainan provincial government and local government, known as the "Hainan energy construction project". Project preparatory work to overcome the heat and high temperature, typhoons, weak supporting conditions, and many other difficulties, has made remarkable achievements. The project of "four connections and one leveling" successfully completed in 2009, created the day excavation volume of 110 thousand party nuclear power construction record, the project land demolition work by the Hainan provincial Party Secretary Wei Liucheng as "zero petitions and three satisfaction" (the relocation of villagers satisfaction and government satisfaction, enterprise satisfaction, realize the harmonious relocation). 2010, to overcome extreme drought weather and the hundred years of torrential rain smooth realization of double unit construction, since the project started, the project is progressing smoothly.

Hainan Changjiang nuclear power project can be put into production, the annual generating capacity of 9 billion to 10 billion kwh, the electricity supply in Hainan province accounted for about 30%, the annual output value of 4 billion yuan. If the monthly electricity consumption by an average family of 300 kilowatt hours, you can simultaneously meet the about 2800000 households living electricity per month. According to preliminary estimates, compared with the coal-fired generating units in the same capacity, can reduce the burning of approximately 2 million 600 thousand tons of standard coal each year, reducing carbon dioxide is about 7 million 800 thousand tons, about 450 tons of soot, sulfur dioxide is about 1600 tons, about 9700 tons of nitrogen oxides, significant environmental benefits.

Hainan Island beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, no pollution of the ecological environment to bring a wealth of resources, Haikou annual average temperature of 23.8, is one of the best cities in the country air quality. The completion of the project will help to optimize the power supply structure in Hainan, improve the power supply layout, adjust the industrial structure, increase local employment, promote the tourism industry, Hainan to improve the energy development mechanism, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness, promote leapfrog development has a profound influence on the sustainable development of Hainan economy and society. Hainan Changjiang nuclear power Hainan province will realize "ecological province", to create "international tourism island" of the grand blueprint, to provide green energy and strong power for the sustainable development of Hainan province.

Hainan Changjiang nuclear power as the central enterprises in Hainan enterprises in their own development at the same time, did not forget to fulfill their social responsibilities. 2010 Hainan Changjiang nuclear power project suffered a drought and not occur even in a hundred years in 60 years floods affected in the case of their own, Hainan Changjiang nuclear power 1 million yuan donation to the disaster area Hainan, Yushu earthquake, Southwest drought has been affecting Hainan nuclear power company employees, employee donations. The company has also organized "000 couplets to farm", to the Hainan provincial radio and TV university student village official newspaper, a company of Party members and cadres living in Haikou to visit the welfare of the children and blood donation activities. Hainan nuclear power is trying to combine the daily management and corporate social responsibility concept, adhering to the "Xing nuclear nuclear group corporation, serving society", and strive to practice the "development of nuclear power, Hainan for the benefit of the mission. Make positive contributions to the local social and economic development.

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