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Jiangsu Nuclear Power Corp
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Jiangsu Nuclear Power Corp was established in December 18, 1997, by the Chinese nuclear power Limited by Share Ltd, Shanghai Wo Xi Energy Investment Co. Ltd., Jiangsu Guoxin Asset Management Group Co., Ltd., 30%, 20% and 50% respectively according to the proportion of capital formation. The company in accordance with the modern enterprise system operation, as the project owner, responsible for the commercial operation of Tianwan nuclear power plant construction and management after the completion of the.

Tianwan nuclear power plant located in Jiangsu Province, Lianyungang City Lianyun District Tianwan, site planning and construction of eight million kilowatt pressurized water reactor nuclear power group. The first phase of the project 1, No. 2 and No. 4, the two phase of the project 3 units use the Russian AES-91 nuclear power units, is in China and Russia to deepen mutual political trust, economic and trade development, strengthen international cooperation to promote the strategic policy, high-tech cooperation in the field of nuclear energy, nuclear energy cooperation between China and Russia is a landmark project. Reactors AES-91 type pressurized water is improved to make the Russian design design, summed up in the VVER unit construction and operation on the basis of the experience, using a series of important advanced design and safety measures, including the security system with 4 channels, the core melt trap, digital instrument and control system, double reactor plant safety shell, passive hydrogen recombiner, meet the international requirements of the third generation nuclear power plant.

Since 1, 2 units from May 2007 and August put into commercial operation, always maintain a stable safe and efficient operation, excellent performance indexes, the outage duration of continuous optimization, power generation capacity factor continued to increase steadily, and achieved good results, economic benefits and social benefits for Jiangsu province and east to promote environmental protection, to improve the supply structure, promote economic development provides a safe and stable power supply.

3, unit 4 is the successful cooperation between China and Russia after the construction of 1, 2 unit project, the two sides continue to deepen cooperation in the field of nuclear energy and a major project. Two units in December 27, 2012 and September 27, 2013, respectively, pouring the first tank of concrete. In the two phase of the project to become the first new nuclear power projects, the State Council decided to consider approval after the restart of nuclear power. Two units construction period of 62 months, plans were in February 2018 and December put into commercial operation.

Safety is the lifeline of nuclear power. The company will always adhere to the "safety first, quality first" principle, vigorously promote the "four" spirit of the nuclear industry, nuclear industry, adhering to "open, inclusive, cooperative, win-win" business philosophy, carry forward the "firm and indomitable, overcome difficulties, the pursuit of excellence, beyond the self, plan and moving, win in the implementation, and to serve the Tianwan honor" the Tianwan spirit, adhere to the "safety of power generation, for the benefit of the people" business purposes, to ensure the safety and stability of units 1, 2, 3, steadily promote the efficient operation of No. 4 unit in engineering construction, and actively carry out 5 to 8 units of the preparation and development of the new site, in order to realize the scientific development of the company, and make greater contributions a new efficient development to promote the sustainable development of local economy and social security of China's nuclear power industry.

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