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Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant
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Qinshan nuclear power base in mainland China is the birthplace of nuclear power, located in Haiyan County of Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, near the beautiful scenery of Hangzhou Bay, located in the center of East China Power Grid load. At present, Qinshan nuclear power base a total of 9 sets of operating units, the total installed capacity of 6 million 564 thousand kilowatts, the annual power generation of about 50 billion kwh, is China's nuclear power group the largest number, the most abundant type of reactor, installed the largest nuclear power base. Qinshan nuclear power company responsible for the owners of 9 units of asset management and operation supervision, nuclear nuclear power operation and Management Co. Ltd. is responsible for the operation and management company commissioned by the owners of 9 units.

Since March 20, 1985, China's first - since the Qinshan nuclear power plant construction, Qinshan nuclear power base in the successful implementation of a "nuclear power Chinese start from here" and "out of a nuclear localization of the road, nuclear power project management with international standards, China's nuclear power from 300 thousand KW to 1 million KW" across the history of independent development form, safety and environmental protection, independent innovation, talent management, group cradle, cultural guide, foreign service, public communication, enterprise communion of Qinshan characteristics, demonstration play an important role in the development of China's nuclear power industry, known as the "glorious country".

Qinshan nuclear power plant is the first nuclear power plant prototype of our own design, construction, operation and management of the self self pressure water, installed capacity of 310 thousand kilowatts. December 15, 1991, for the first time in power generation, the realization of China's nuclear power "zero breakthrough"; in April 1, 1994, put into commercial operation. The expansion project of Qinshan nuclear power plant (Fangjiashan Nuclear Power Engineering) is one of the million kilowatt nuclear power units in our country independently, the highest degree of localization of the nuclear power plant at present, installed capacity of 2 x 1 million 80 thousand kilowatts, 1 units in November 4, 2014 for the first time grid, December 15, 2014 officially put into commercial operation; unit 2 for the first time in January 12, 2015, power generation in February 12, 2015 officially put into commercial operation.

Second Qinshan nuclear power plant is China's independent design, independent construction, independent operation, independent management of the first domestic commercial nuclear power plant. No. 1, No. 2 unit installed capacity of 2 x 650 thousand kilowatts, respectively on April 15, 2002 and May 3, 2004 put into commercial operation; No. 3, No. 4 unit installed capacity of 2 * 660 thousand kilowatts, successively in October 5, 2010 and December 30, 2011 put into commercial operation, realize the nuclear localization of a major leap.

Third Qinshan nuclear power plant is China's only a commercial nuclear power station, the Canadian CANDU Reactor Nuclear Power Technology, 6 heavy water, installed capacity of 2 * 728 thousand kw. Two units were put into commercial operation in December 31, 2002 and July 24, 2003, was hailed as a successful example of cooperation between China and canada".

Qinshan nuclear power base construction and development of 30 years, adhering to the "four" spirit of the nuclear industry, the practice of "the pursuit of excellence, challenge" values, uphold the principle of "to create profits for shareholders, create happiness for employees, create value, for the owners to create the future" for the concept, through continuous exploration, innovation and continuous improved, gradually master a number of key technologies of nuclear power, nuclear power and cultivate a large number of professional and technical talents, accumulated a wealth of engineering construction, power plant commissioning, production operation and management experience, formed a "concise Yan Shouan career, Yong Tam Ren, independent innovation achievements in the glorious achievement, achievement, openness and cooperation across beyond the self achievement dream" spirit of qinshan. With the development of nuclear power China from within to actively explore overseas to the broader market, practical experience and excellent cultural heritage of the Qinshan nuclear power base, will become the new period of nuclear power nuclear power to boost China high.

Now, in the blueprint for the development of Qinshan nuclear power plant in the Qinshan people aspiring, the future is no longer confined to Qinshan, but wide sea diving, sky". Standing at a new historical starting point, Qinshan nuclear power base will earnestly study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech series, in the real world without end ", in accordance with the stem in the forefront to seek new" requirements, continue to play advantage, in the forefront, a good demonstration, with the next 30 years to build a new Qinshan, make the new and greater contribution for Zhejiang province to create efficient development of national clean energy demonstration and safety of China's nuclear power industry.

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